Ƭωσ HєƖƖισηѕ

Sorry its taken so long ive been really busy with RL! guess what!!! cousin glittery pancakes came to visit! 😀

take a look at cousin Chels – Flickr blog by clicking her name! PY’s Flickr

Chel and PY

First Look it Chel on the right ( Blue Hair )

Hair: Moon – Sublime @ summerfest’15
Glasses: random.matter – winchester glasses
Lip Color: Nox – Drama Lip Soot for Nyam
Collar: SU – Minerva Chain Collar – group gift
Top: Corvus – Skull Bandana Top
Pants: Joli – Faded Tartan Baggies
Shoes: Flite – Feezys (from gacha @ The Arcade)
Tat: UrbanStreet – Black Death
Backpack: Biomechanoid – The Backpack

Second Look PY on the left ( Purple Hair )

Hair: Moon – Neon – Sordid Affiar @ summerfest’15
EYes: Buzz – Moka Hazel
Shirt: Joli – Graphic Tees
Shorts: SU – B Boop shorts Black
Heels: Glamistry – Parrasana PF1020
Earrings: Random Matter – Abaddon Earrings black
Bracelet – Random Matter – Crowley Bracelet black
Extra: Random Matter – Crowley Finger Claws black
neckleses – Random Matter – Lordis Cllar v2 and Rhiannon Necklace black
make up – Random Matter – Magnus Eyeshadow
Brows – Random Matter – Misery Brows
EyeBag – Random Matter – Perfectly Flawed Eye Bags
Skin – Random Matter – Sayre Skin Ivory


Maitreya Mesh Body
Slink – Gesture hands
Aitui – Gen 4 Stretched Elven Ears
Nyam Nyam Mesh Mouth
Random Matter – Hellion Teeth


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